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Company Summary

Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, Environmental Protection Company (EPC), in the excavation and bioremediation business. The Company was incorporated under the name Agri World Development Corp. In January 1994, Industrial changed its name to Industrial Ecosystems, Inc., and in March 1994, the Company acquired 100% of the equity securities EPC in exchange for shares of the Company's common stock. Until the acquisition of EPC, Industrial had no operating activities. EPC engages in soil remediation of hydrocarbon spills using proprietary microbial remediation technology and process methodology. The EPC process involves the use of a matrix of bacteria. These bacteria are acquired from a number of different media that are controlled by EPC. These bacteria, along with certain enzymes that are produced by the bacteria, aid in the remediation of the contaminated soil.
Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. specializes in systematic bioremediation with its major operations and OCD permitted landfarm.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    20-49 Employees


  • 2014

    Under 500 000 USD


Executive information

  • John Kiely

    President, Director

  • S. J.


  • M. M.

    Executive Assistant

  • W. P.

    Vice President

  • J. C.


  • J. H.

    Senior Vice President

  • W. K.

    IT Director

  • T. J.



Other classifications (for some countries)

SIC (US 1987) :
Facilities support services (8744)
SIC (US 1987) :
Refuse systems (4953)
SIC (US 1987) :
Management consulting services (8742)
NAICS (US 2012) :
Facilities Support Services (561210)
NAICS (US 2012) :
Other Waste Collection (562119)
NAICS (US 2012) :
Management Consulting Services (54161)

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