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Company Summary

Hub Group, Inc. (Hub Group) is one of North America's asset-light freight transportation management companies. It is an intermodal marketing company (Imc) in the United States and is a truck broker. The Company offers comprehensive intermodal, truck broke
Hub Group, Inc., specializes in providing innovative transportation and logistics services across North America. They also operates as hub highwayunyson logistics and more.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    100-249 Employees


  • 2008

    25 to 50 million USD


Executive information

  • Thomas White

    Chief Financial Officer

  • D. M.

    Executive VP

  • D. P.

    Exec. Vice President; Chief Information Officer

  • P. C. Y.

    Chairman of the Board

  • T. L. H.


  • D. P. Y.

    Vice Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • T. M. W.

    Chief Financial Officer

  • R. M. R.


  • D. R. P.

    Vice President, Chief Information Officer

  • D. C. Z.


  • M. A. Y.

    President- Field Operations; Vice Chairman, President, and COO

  • M. Y.

    Vice Chairman, President, and COO

  • T. P.

    EVP, CFO, and Treasurer

  • D. D.

    Regional Vice President

  • T. F.

    Vice President Tax

  • D. M.

    Executive Vice President of Highway; Chief Marketing Officer

  • M. G.

    Director-Sales Support

  • A. P.

    Sales Manager

  • A. D.

    Manager Pricing

  • M. B.

    Corporate Counsel

  • P. T.


  • T. A.

    Executive Vice President; EVP, CFO and Treasurer

  • J. N.

    Senior Pricing Analyst

  • B. F.

    Director of Highway

  • T. O.

    Vice President

  • N. J.

    Vice President Customer Development

  • S. T.


  • K. Z.

    Regional Sales Manager

  • A. S.

    Manager of Fleet Management

  • D. P.

    Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions

  • S. R.

    Sales Manager

  • L. F.

    Public Relations Manager

  • B. C.

    Director Highway Solutions-Mid Atlantic

  • B. A.

    Senior Vice President

  • J. Q.

    Sales Manager

  • R. W.

    EDI Manager

  • J. B.

    Equpiment Operations

  • S. C.

    Executive Vice President Int Operations/Administra…

  • T. K.

    Vice President Highway Solutions

  • C. W.

    Telecommunications Analyst Hub Group Inc

  • K. W.

    Director Load Planning-Eastern Region

  • C. R.

    Board Member

  • L. H.

    Vice President of Sales

  • K. B.

    Controller and Assistant Treasurer

  • G. M.

    Senior Director Sales

  • E. S.

    Senior Staff Specialist

  • P. M.

    iSeries Project Leader

  • I. Z.

    Regional Vice President

  • C. K.

    Chief Intermodal Officer

  • D. S.

    Director of Pricing-Western Region

  • J. C.

    Assistant Vice President Sales

  • V. P.

    Vice President, Pricing

  • R. P.

    Vice President

  • T. M.

    Vice President Intermodal Operations and amp, Sales

  • T. Z.

    Vice President Private Client Group

  • R. O.

    Regional Vice President, Sales

  • C. S.

    Assistant Vice President of Sales

  • D. A.

    Assistant Vice President Producer Benefits

  • J. R.

    Vice President

  • K. A.

    Account Manager

  • P. B.

    Project Manager, Information Technology


Other classifications (for some countries)

SIC (US 1987) :
Freight transportation arrangement (4731)
NAICS (US 2012) :
Freight Transportation Arrangement (488510)

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