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Company Summary

General Casualty is a regional property and casualty insurance company represented by about 1,500 independent insurance agencies in 25 states. The company offers a complete line of property and casualty insurance products for homes, autos and businesses.
General Casualty is a property and casualty insurance provider. They maintain offices and provides customers close-to-home, attentive policy and claims service.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    1000-4999 Employees


  • 2003

    100 to 500 million USD


Executive information

  • Peter G. McPartland


  • R. K.

    VP Marketing

  • D. V.


  • J. P.


  • K. K.

    chief administrative officer

  • O. V.

    VP; Midwest Regional Vice President

  • P. L.

    Chief Information Officer

  • R. K.

    VP; Wisconsin Regional Vice President

  • R. D.

    Regional Vice President

  • S. E.

    Corporate Marketing Manager

  • P. C.

    President and CEO

  • P. M.


  • C. F.


  • D. F.

    Vice President

  • S. H.

    Regional Claims Manager

  • T. T.

    Network Engineer

  • R. B.

    Safety Specialist/Engineer

  • D. S.

    Insurance Agent

  • D. P.

    Information Systems Administrator; Director-Human Resources

  • J. K.

    Insurance Agent

  • D. D.

    Branch Vice President

  • M. H.

    Property Claim Specialist

  • J. C.

    Branch Vice President Minneapolis Branch

  • S. E.

    C/L Underwriter

  • J. C.

    Sales Coordinator

  • L. H.

    Director-Sales and Marketing

  • D. K.


  • L. B.

    Lead Production Control Specialist

  • B. S.

    Insurance Agent

  • R. E.

    Project Manager

  • M. C.

    Claims Program Manager

  • K. H.

    Human Resources Executive

  • J. F.

    Assistant Vice President Personal Lines

  • K. D.

    Vice President-Claims

  • P. M.

    Representative Sales Representative

  • B. B.


  • S. S.

    System Programmer

  • J. P.

    Generalist; President

  • D. K.

    Assistant Vice President

  • D. C.

    Insurance Agent

  • J. Q.

    Branch Vice President Milwaukee Branch

  • J. L.

    Purchasing Director

  • P. A.


  • J. H.

    Process Services Manager

  • D. S.

    Marketing Representative

  • R. R.

    Property Claim Program Manager

  • T. B.

    Information Technology

  • M. B.

    Vice President of Consolidated Support Services

  • M. S.

    Corporate Relations Manager

  • M. W.

    Assistant Vice President in the Marketing Department

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