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Eriksen Translations Inc.

50 Court Street, Suite 700
Brooklyn NY 11201
United States

Company informations Eriksen Translations Inc.


Eriksen Translations Inc. helps companies reach their audiences in the global marketplace. One of the top 40 Language Service Providers in North America, Eriksen offers translation, interpreting, layout and production, web and multimedia localization, cultural consulting, transcreation, and voiceover and subtitling services in over 100 languages to clients worldwide.

Your priorities matter
We bring you not only on high-quality translations with rapid turnaround time, but also a communicative, collaborative team that is committed to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations. They’ll work closely with you to design the best workflows for your projects and handle the entire process from start to finish. 

No room for mistakes
We have stringent quality-control measures built into our workflows to establish checks and balances at every step. Your text is only considered complete once it has been translated, edited, and proofread.

Because after 30+ years in business, we know that you don’t have room for errors. 

Expert linguists
The quality of a translation is largely attributed to the caliber of the linguists. When you work with Eriksen, you get the best of the best. Our talented, passionate translators have the experience and expertise to produce language that will engage your audiences.    

Our extensive network of linguists live and work in the countries for which they translate. They are native speakers of their target languages, and produce text that never sounds translated, but maintains a natural, local feel.

How we can help you
Eriksen offers translation, localization, and typesetting services to support a wide range of business areas: 
  • Global Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Learning and Development
  • Consumer Business/eCommerce
  • Diverse Markets
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Risk Management 
  • Legal and Regulatory

You’re safe with us
We understand that the security of our environment directly impacts our clients and their reputations. Eriksen maintains a stringent cybersecurity program that ensures the confidentiality, safety, and security of our clients’ data. 

General Information

Year established 1986
Type of company Head Office
Fax +1 718 718-802-0041
Website https://www.eriksen.com


Area : Worldwide


Area : Worldwide

Key figures Eriksen Translations Inc.


  • On site

    20-49 Employees

  • Company

    20 Employees


  • 2017

    4,000,000 USD

  • 2016

    3,700,000 USD

  • 2015

    3,900,000 USD

Executives Eriksen Translations Inc.

Executive information

  • Ms. Vigdis Eriksen

    Founder & CEO

    English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Norwegian Bokmål, French, Deutsch

  • Ms. Jennifer Murphy

    Director of Marketing


  • Ms. Hafida Santoudji

    Director of Operations

    English, Arabic, French

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Bringing the Immigrant Experience to Life

June 7, 2018

In the United States, a country of immigrants, it’s estimated that more than 40% of the population can trace at least one ancestor to Ellis Island. The island and its museum have therefore become a meaningful and important destination for many New York City visitors and residents.
The gateway to AmericaFrom its opening in1892 until it closed in 1954, Ellis Island was the busiest and most important port of entry into the United States. It served as the gateway to America for millions of immigrants, at a time when many were escaping the poverty and conflict of Europe.

The Ellis Island Museum of Immigration opened its doors to the public in 1976, and today nearly two million people visit each year to learn about the rich history of our country’s immigrants and the role Ellis Island played in shaping the landscape of the United States. Many also come seeking insights into the experiences of their ancestors and to further explore their own family histories.
Sharing the stories of past generations And now, the tale of the immigrant experience has been revitalized with the launch of a revamped multigenerational, multilingual audio experience. Click here to read the full article. 

Text Expansion and Contraction in Translation

June 7, 2018

Your designer did a fabulous job developing your new line of brochures – the perfect balance between compelling copy and eye-catching images. But how will your latest collateral look when it’s translated into Chinese? Or German?

When you translate a marketing campaign, presentation, website, or app into other languages, text expansion and contraction is something to be aware of. It may change the look and feel of your materials. By understanding how different languages behave, you can begin to predict how the final product might be impacted and plan ahead to obtain the results you want.
What is text expansion and contraction?Text expansion occurs when the target language (the language you translate into) takes up more space than the source language. In certain languages, it just takes more words to make the same statement. This can result from differences in grammar, sentence structure, or the way terminology is used across languages. In certain cases, expansion can also result from word length. For example, an English-into-German translation may produce a similar number of words, but German has long, compound words that take up more space.

Text contraction is just the opposite. When translating from English into Danish, Swedish, or many Asian languages, for example, the translated text will take up less space.

Click here to read the full article. 

Are You Cyber Aware?

February 15, 2018

Cyber theft is the fastest growing form of crime in the United States, impacting companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500s to mom and pops. Attacks are increasing in size, scope, and sophistication as criminals become more skilled, focused, and deliberate.  

The extent of the problem is staggering. According to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, damages are estimated to reach an annual worldwide price tag of $6 trillion by 2021.
The growing value of data
In the words of IBM chairman Ginni Rometty, “We believe that data is the phenomenon of our time. It is the world’s new natural resource. It is the new basis of competitive advantage, and it is transforming every profession and industry. If all of this is true - even inevitable - then cybercrime, by definition, is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world."  

Data is a commodity for cyber criminals, who can use it to commit complex forms of fraud or for simple, immediate financial gain. Depending on the nature of your business, the data of value may include account numbers, passwords, and customers’ personally identifiable information. However, others might be concerned with the security of their marketing information, company contracts, or other intellectual property.

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7 Translation Questions Answered: Tips for Working with a Translation Agency

February 1, 2018

1.     How do I know I’m getting an accurate translation?

Translation agencies have different processes for ensuring translation quality. We’ve found it most effective to implement checks and balances at every stage of the process.

At Eriksen Translations, all of our translations pass through two levels of quality control. First, the text is translated by a qualified linguist. Then, it is passed along for editing, performed by a second qualified translator who fine-tunes the translation and double checks for accuracy. Next, we have a third language professional conduct quality control to make sure the deliverables meet our standards and conform to client specifications.

Of course, the caliber of the linguists also has a direct impact on the quality of the final translation. This begins by selecting linguists who are subject matter experts. We also find that monitoring linguist performance on an ongoing basis is an effective means of ensuring you receive top-notch, accurate translations. By having both a translator and an editor review each text, it adds checks and balances to the process and holds each linguist accountable for producing high-quality work every single time.

2.     How does the translation process work?

We like to start by ironing out the details. By having an upfront discussion about things like target audience, reading level, subject matter, special terminology, document format, and turnaround time, we can make sure everyone’s on the same page. If you have your content ready, we will examine and analyze your materials and provide a quote. Once all the details are agreed upon, we get started.

First, we find the right translators for your material - experts in the subject matter and native speakers of the language they’re translating into. If you have ongoing work, we would assign a dedicated team of linguists who are familiar with your style and content.

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