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Company Summary

Delta Natural Gas Company sells natural gas to approximately 38,000 retail customers on its distribution system in central and southeastern Kentucky. The Company transports natural gas to its industrial customers, who purchase their gas in the open market. It also transports natural gas on behalf of local producers and customers not on its distribution system, and produces a relatively small amount of natural gas from its southeastern Kentucky wells. The Company's three largest service areas are Nicholasville, Corbin and Berea, Kentucky. In Nicholasville, it serves approximately 8,000 customers; in Corbin, it serves approximately 6,000 customers, and in Berea, it serves approximately 4,000 customers.
Delta Gas company is an independent energy company that delivers, distributes, and transports natural gas to customers in central and southeastern Kentucky.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    100-249 Employees


  • 2008

    100 to 500 million USD


Executive information

  • John Brown

    Chief Financial Officer; Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary

  • G. J.

    Chairman Emeritus; Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • A. H.

    V.P. - Operations

  • J. C.

    V.P. - Administration; Vice President Distribution

  • H. D. P.

    Chairman of the Board

  • G. R. J.

    Vice Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer

  • J. F. H.

    Vice President - Finance, Secretary and Treasurer

  • J. L. C.

    Vice President - Administration and Customer Service

  • J. B. B.

    Controller; Chief Financial Officer; Treasurer; Secretary

  • D. T.

    Director Network and IT

  • M. W.

    Vice President, Controller

  • R. H.

    Vice President

  • B. R.

    Vice President-TRANSM and GAS SUPPLY; Vice President-Transmission and Gas Supply

  • P. T.

    Senior Vice President of Energy Services and Director

  • B. G.

    Division Manager Customer Service

  • J. S.


  • K. L.


  • M. C.

    Finance; Director Internal Control

  • M. D.

    Dist Customer Serv Supervisor

  • R. M.


  • D. N.

    Construction Supervisor

  • B. J.

    SUPV-COMPRESSOR Operations

  • H. P.


  • D. L.

    Director Network and IT

  • B. D.

    Supervisor-Transm Operations; SUPV-TRANSM Operations

  • E. B.

    Director Corporate Services

  • G. B.

    Division Manager Customer Service

  • J. P.

    Construction Supervisor

  • J. S.

    Director Sales and Marketing

  • M. R.

    Division Manager Customer Service

  • J. H.

    Personnel Director

  • C. W.

    Customer Service Supervisor

  • S. M.

    Construction Supervisor

  • G. P.

    Corrosion Control Supv

  • J. S.

    Construction Supervisor

  • B. P.

    Senior Engineer Tech

  • E. L.

    Construction Supervisor

  • C. D.

    Manager Gas Control

  • A. S.

    Dist Customer Serv Supervisor

  • P. C.

    Information Technology Manager

  • B. C.

    Director-MEAS and Corr Control

  • R. S.

    Vice President Logistics

  • D. K.

    General Manager

  • M. N.

    Dist Customer Serv Supervisor

  • R. F.


  • J. S.

    Construction Supervisor

  • B. R.

    VP Transmission and Gas Supply


Other classifications (for some countries)

SIC (US 1987) :
Crude petroleum and natural gas (1311)
NAICS (US 2012) :
Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (211111)

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