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Company Summary

Cincinnati Financial Corporation (Cfc), through its subsidiaries, markets commercial, personal and life insurance products to businesses and individuals. The Company's products include a range of business and personal policies, as well as life and disabil
Cincinnati Financial Corporation is an insurance company. They deliver quality financial protection to the people and businesses in their communities.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    500-999 Employees


  • 2008

    Over 500 million USD


Executive information

  • Kenneth Stecher

    Chief Financial Officer; President & Chief Executive Officer

  • J. S.

    Chairman Emeritus; Trustee

  • K. M.

    Chief Investment Officer

  • D. P.

    Corporate Executiv

  • J. J. S.

    Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer

  • L. R. P.

    President, The Cincinnati Casualty Company; Sr.VP - Personal

  • C. W. F.

    Senior VP Information Technology

  • J. F. S.

    Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing, The Cincinnati In

  • J. O. S.

    Senior Vice President - Corporate Communications, The Cincin

  • T. L. T.

    Senior Vice President - Operations, The Cincinnati Insurance

  • C. F.

    Senior Vice President

  • S. J.

    President and CEO; President, Cincinnati Insurance, Cincinnati Indemnity, Cincin

  • M. S.

    SVP, CFO, and Treasurer, Cincinnati Financial and Cincinnati Insurance

  • T. P.

    Vice President, Corporate Accounting, The Cincinnati Insuran

  • D. B.

    Director of Supply

  • M. C.

    Senior Specialist

  • D. S.

    Commercial Lines Underwriting

  • J. B.


  • M. C.

    Director of Operations Management

  • M. L.

    Business Analyst

  • P. T.

    Safety Specialist/Engineer

  • R. O.

    Commercial Lines Underwriting

  • T. D.

    Regional Director

  • P. G.

    Commercial Lines Underwriting

  • J. C.

    Associate Manager of Supply

  • P. E.

    Senior Program Analyst

  • L. M.

    DB2 Applications Program

  • N. H.

    SAP Implemenation and Support

  • M. D.


  • S. S.

    Imaging Supervisor

  • S. W.

    Programmer Analyst

  • T. K.

    Senior Vice President Bond and Executive Risk

  • P. D.

    Senior Application Developer

  • D. G.

    Commercial Lines Underwriting

  • S. V.

    Vice President Commercial

  • D. R.


  • R. J.


  • C. V.

    Safety Specialist/Engineer

  • M. B.

    SAP Implemenation and Support

  • D. B.


  • B. W.

    Commercial Lines Underwriting

  • M. H.


  • C. H.


  • C. E.

    Proect Manager Management

  • K. O.


  • T. V.

    Claims Specialist

  • T. R.

    Commercial Lines Underwriting

  • K. W.

    Premium Auditor

  • M. S.

    Network Administrator

  • L. S.

    Network Analyst

  • G. D.


  • M. H.


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