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Company Summary

Alliant Energy Corporation is operating as an investor-owned public utility holding company with four primary subsidiaries: Interstate Power and Light Company (Ipl), Wisconsin Power and Light Company (Wpl), Alliant Energy Resources, Inc. (Resources) and A
Alliant Energy Corporation distributes and sells electric energy and natural gas.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    0-9 Employees


  • 2007

    Over 500 million USD


Executive information

  • Eliot Protsch

    Chief Financial Officer

  • W. H.

    Chairman of the Board; Chairman and CEO

  • B. S.

    Executive VP

  • T. A.

    Senior VP

  • T. H.

    VP; VP, CFO, and Treasurer

  • E. B. D.

    Chairman of the Board

  • E. G. P.

    Chief Financial Officer

  • P. J. W.


  • T. L. A.


  • D. K. D.


  • R. W. G.


  • P. W.

    Executive Vice President Operations

  • E. G.

    Bulk Power Manager

  • K. G.

    Information Technology Senior Analyst

  • J. V.

    Intel Sever Manager

  • K. G.

    TIS Compliance

  • G. G.

    Human Resources Executive

  • E. B.

    Information Technology Senior Analyst

  • R. C.

    Usability Analyst

  • L. U.

    Trade Account Manager

  • F. B.

    Corporate Secretary

  • J. C.

    Project Manager-OPM

  • T. G.

    Senior Information Technology Analyst

  • T. N.

    Electrical Engineer

  • J. F.

    Manager-Investor Relations

  • B. H.

    SPCC Consultant

  • R. F.

    Senior Administrator

  • J. H.

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

  • L. D.

    Manager of Contracts

  • D. S.

    Account Manager

  • E. H.


  • K. M.

    Revenue Protection Consultant

  • B. H.

    Home Energy Auditor

  • L. A.

    Operations and Policy Procedure Specialist

  • K. D.

    Executive Assistant

  • M. P.

    Manager of Telecommunications

  • L. H.

    Information Technology Analyst

  • W. P.

    Associate Buyer-eProcurement Services

  • J. C.


  • S. C.

    Short-Term Bulk Power Trader

  • D. N.

    Managing Attorney and Employment Law

  • D. W.

    Short-Term Bulk Power Trader

  • J. N.

    Customer Service Manager

  • T. H.

    Workstation Analyst

  • H. D.

    Customer Database Analyst

  • T. L.

    Hourly Bulk Power Trader

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