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Customs Trade Kit, Customs Trade Kit (Customs Trade Kit)

Applying and practicing Customs compliance accomplishes and successfully conducts U.S. Customs Business allowing merchandise to flow and to clear with U.S. Customs (CBP) and other Government agencies. My role as a License U.S. Customs Broker, I use the latest Customs clearance technology available which allows me to conduct U.S. Customs business for my clients at the port of New York, N.Y. By using Customs clearance technology I am confident having your merchandise compliant with CBP and with other government agencies. The Customs clearance technology allows me to: Customize and to be flexible enough to meet the most simple to complex import requirements. Stay one-step ahead of the regulations so our clients are confident they are compliant with CBP and with other government agencies. Have integrated data verification function and a daily updated tariff database that will help to ensure that submissions are accurate – minimizing costly delays and penalties. Transmit transactions quickly, securely and seamlessly, every time. Enter Entry Features: free/dutiable, ADD/CVD (anti-dumping), Currency conversion, FDA prior notice, MID – Manufacturer ID (auto create), Quota/Visa, Temporary Import under Bond (TIB), Warehouse entry and withdrawals, and other entries. International Security Filing (ISF), Drawback, protests, warehousing. I have 20+ years’ in scholar research experience allows interpreting technical questions to assist a client with their 1st to 100+ entries in with all aspects of CBP and other government rules, regulations including classification within the HTSUS. Also associates that handle frieght domestically or worldwide are dedicated and compassionate individuales in what they do and will treat your freight as if it were their own. Whether your shipment is several full containers or a single pallet.

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