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College Racquet Club

College Racquet Club (CRC) has been serving the local community for nearly 50 years. Tennis is a lifelong recreational activity that supports a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we foster learning and competition to further challenge the mind & body. We host all levels, all genders and all ages of players from beginners to USTA 5.5 team players as well as Concordia College’s men’s and women’s teams which are nationally ranked in NCAA Division II. We invite you to join us on the courts. Let us take you on a tour of our facilities, programs and staff. Just scroll down to begin. Serving in a variety of locations throughout the College Racquet Club has been providing top-rated tennis lessons, junior tennis programs, and tennis instruction to players of all ages since 1977 . With a mission to help our students achieve excellence, our coaches work with you to develop a personal improvement plan to help you meet your goals and improve your overall game.College Racquet Club offers a variety of different tennis programs for kids, high schoolers, and adults. Whether you're in need of a New York tennis coach to teach you or your child the fundamentals of the game of tennis,need ongoing on-course training and game development, or are seeking personal tennis coach instruction and coaching to help you succeed at the junior, high school, college, or professional level, the experienced New York tennis coaches at College Racquet Club can help. Partnered with tennis courses around the Bronxville, College Racquet Club provides a number of benefits and amenities to their students. From tennis team environments and personal improvement plans to in-depth video analysis and custom instruction plans, College Racquet Club a build Bronxville a tennis instruction program to meet your age group, skill level, and playing goals. Contact our Bronxville tennis school at (914) 961-395 to receive a free consultation, or visit our website to learn more about our junior tennis programs in Bronxville, professional tennis coaching services, and tennis tournament amenities. College Racquet Club Mr. Neil Tarangioli 171 White Plains Rd, Bronxville, NY 10708, USA Email Website:

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Project Success Incorporated

Imagine that a company must execute a strategically important project, such as the development of a new product, software system or marketing program. At the start of the project, the project team will have a very low worry level. In the face of seemingly minor issues or delays, one might hear the common refrain, “There’s plenty of time to get the project done.” We call this honeymoon period “Uniformed Optimism.” During this period, project worry is postponed. As the project deadline begins to creep over the horizon, the project team gradually transitions into “Vague Concern.” Its symptoms include that queasy feeling in the project manager’s stomach whenever he/she thinks about the project (so they just don’t think about it). Team cohesion begins to crumble as team members begin to think about their career and build defensive strategies to shift potential blame. Worry escalates! Like a snowball going downhill, vague concern turns to “Panic” – the deadline arrives. With the project nowhere near completion, worry shoots through the roof….and money starts flying out the door. In addition to the budget getting blown, the quality is compromised as content is dropped and quality assurance steps are skipped. The deadline comes….and goes! The project ends in disaster as competent, dedicated project members lose their professional credibility, reputations and quite possibly their jobs. What’s worse, the cycle just continues. While the panic over one project continues, other projects are starting – doomed for the same fate.

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