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Screws, non-turned, metal
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North American Fabrication Co

Anpec Industries

New Industries Inc.

Long Screw Machine Products

Northern Indiana Mfg. Inc.

Jacobson Manufacturing Llc

An Wright Corp.

Kalkaska Screw Products, Inc.

K & M Precision Products Co.

K And Y Manufacturing Inc.

Production Manufacturing Co.

Meaden Screw Products

Mack Engineering Corp.

H & H Swiss Machine Prods. Inc.

K & W Mfg. Corp.

Screwmatics Of Sc

Aaa Industries Inc.

Amtak Fasteners

Wyatt Precision Machine

Ej Basler Co.

Nolte Precise Mfg. Inc.

Legends Manufacturing Inc.

Mid-States Screw Corp.

Berkley Screw Machine Prods.

Spectrum Automated Inc.

Lakeside Screw Products, Inc.

Gsp Components Inc.

Die Concepts, Inc.

Siesco Valley Screw Products

Stanley Engineering Co.

Pellco Machine Inc.

Continental Automation Inc.

Cutting Edge Machining Inc.

Transfer Tool Systems I...

Oshkosh Marine Supply Co.

Apollo Engineering

Charleston Metal Products Inc.

William H Brewster Jr Inc.

Defiance Metal Products Inc.

Anderson Automatics Inc.

Thuro Metal Products Inc.

American Turned Products Co.

Abbate Screw Products Inc.

Quality Swiss Screw Machine Co.

Conbraco Industries

Metal Seal & Products, Inc.

Dell Tool Corp.

C & C Automatics Inc.

Progressive Turnings, Inc.

Ranny Precision

Cole Screw Machine Products

Walker Machine Products Inc.

F P Schmidt Mfg. Co.

I W Industries Inc.

Elyria Manufacturing Corp.

Erie Specialty Products Inc.

Supreme Screw Products Inc.

Melling Industries Inc.

American Screw Machine Co.

Bay Swiss Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Standard Machine Co. Inc.

Alger Manufacturing Llc

Wallace Steele Co., Inc.

Universal Precision Products Co.

West Coast Aerospace Inc.

Saelens Corp.

Topcraft Metal Products, Inc.

Spectrum Fasteners

Jewel Vallorbs Co.

Moral Precision Machine & Mfg.

Geiger H G Mfg. Co.

Wej-It Fastening System

James Wright Precision Prods.

Automatic Precision Inc.

Maumee Machine & Tool Corp.

Imperial Specialty Inc.

Albert Gates Inc.

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