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McCoy Small Business Consulting

Management ServicesSmall Business Consulting; Business Plans, Executive Summaries, Strategic Planning, Investor Prep, Management consulting. What is the biggest problem facing you today? That's where we will start.What problem are you reluctant to tackle and which constantly bothers you in the back of your mind? What problem, if solved would add energy and excitement to your day? SERVICESBrainstorming and TroubleshootingInvaluable exercises in the development of your ideas into a potentially viable business. Incorporation GuidanceWalk through the steps of creating a formal corporation or LLC along with all of the necessary supporting documents. Make sure you have the proper articles, minutes, stock certificates and ledger and more. Executive Summary DevelopmentPlain language explanation of why your customers should care and why you will be successful.2-3 Pages. Business Plan DevelopmentIn depth examination of every aspect of your business with a focus on how you will achieve your goals. This is a plan that you will use. It is not to be shoved in a drawer once you've opened your doors. You will be able to use your Business plan to guide the growth of your business. 25-45 Pages. Whatever is necessary. Company PresentationsInformation prepared for customers and potential vendors and suppliers outside of your company. These short papers or slide presentations are designed to be as precise and impactful in order to move your audience to some action. Financial ProjectionsDevelopment of realistic projections for revenue and expenses is a critical step in long-term survival. A major cause of business failure is lack of money. We will test assumptions and make reasonable predictions about how much money you will make and how much it will cost you so that you know how long you have to make a go of it. Investor PrepPrepare your company and documents for presentation to Angel Investors and others. We will hone the message, valuation and supporting documents in preparation for presenting them to people with money to invest. Strategic PlanningThe word "Strategy" is overused today and widely confused with "tactics." If you want to develop true strategy that supports your overall objectives, then that is possible. The process is one of the most challenging and rewarding of all of the work that you will do. I promise that you will be among a rare group of owners who go through the depth of examination and achieve the clarity of thinking that it brings. Management ConsultingProblem solving is the daily burden of small business owners. The efficiency of businesses can be greatly increased by minimizing areas of frequent conflict. No two problems are alike, but many of the moving parts are. We will examine specific problems, develop potential solutions and evaluate the solutions through planning and implementation. I bring problem solving processes that cut to the heart of the matter and allow for minimum disruption from trial and error. Leadership Development/CoachingLeaders are made. If you are raising up leaders or working to be the best one that you can be we will work to customize plans for your situation.

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99MediaLab is an internet marketing company helping businesses to increase their online presence. We are a team of enthusiastic digital marketing professionals who specialize in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, Web Design, and more. Testimonials from our previous clients speak volumes about our successful approach (Explore, Plan, Design, Develop and Optimize) towards internet marketing. What makes us unique from the rest of the internet marketing companies is that we always adhere to tested practices, implement new, innovative strategies and strive to help our clients realize higher revenue, profits, traffic, and conversions. Our SEO services include a comprehensive set of solutions namely on-site optimization, content writing, social media integration, online directory submissions, and a comprehensive on-site SEO. Our social media marketing services include managing multiple social media channels, regular posts, increased engagement, cross platform promotion, and weekly reports. Through email marketing, we here at 99MediaLab help our clients to increase their open, conversion, and click through rates. Apart from working on increased ROI, we also design newsletters and create landing pages for clients. Through PPC, we help small businesses increase their traffic and conversion rates for a lower CPC. For details, visit &

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