Companies - Ice cream and sorbet - United States

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Independent Dairy Inc.

Lic'S Deli & Ice Cream Plant

Heisler'S Cloverleaf Dairy

Les Boulangers Associes Inc.

Hiland Dairy Foods Co.

Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream

Royal Scoop Homemade Ice Cream


Whitey'S Ice Cream Mfrs. Inc.

Mister Cookie Face

Bartolini Ice Cream

Southern Ice Cream Spcialities

Three Twins Ice Cream

Peterson Cheese

Phillyswirl Inc.

Masterfoods Usa

Mid Valley Dairy Co.

Tofutti Brands Inc.

Lappert'S Ice Cream

Frio Distributors Inc., Ice Pop Factory (Ice Pop Equipment)

Talenti Ltd.

Eight Point Distributors Inc.

Good Humor Breyers Ice Cream

Sensory Effects Powder Systems

Velda Farms Llc

Unique Distributors Inc.

Fendall Ice Cream Co.

Arya Ice Cream Distributing Co.

Frosty Products

Frut Stix Co.

Angelo'S Italian Ices

Cinderella Cheese Cake Co.

Pet Dairy

Meadow Gold

Dairy Queen

Bassetts Ice Cream

Dairy Queen

Dippin' Dots

Diana'S Bananas

Blue Bell Creameries L.P.


Oak Farms Dairy

Marianne'S Ice Cream Plant

United Dairy Farmers


Cold Stone Creamery

Umpqua Dairy Products

Carvel Ice Cream & Bakery

Dairy Queen


Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream

Greenwood Ice Cream Co.

Garber Ice Cream Co. Inc.

Ice Cream Club Inc.

Casper'S Ice Cream

Stella Gelato


Allura Farm Dairy

Boulder Ice Cream

Maple Island Inc.

Hershey Creamery Co.

Dairy Queen

Dippin' Dots

Dippin Dots

Carvel Ice Cream & Bakery

Mercer'S Dairy

Palm Beach Ice Cream

United Dairy Farmers

Treat Ice Cream Co.

Schoep'S Ice Cream Co.

Reiter Dairy Llc

Charl'S Ice Cream Specialties

Cold Stone Creamery

Carvel Ice Cream & Bakery

Rainbow Glacier, Inc.

Dairy Queen

Plainwell Ice Cream Co.

Pacific Valley Dairy

Maglione'S Italian Ices

Pet Dairy

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