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Globalebazzar, GAL

Double air curtained Double compressor LED light box Reflecting glass on the top salves Fruits And Vegetables Display Refrigerator has 5 shelving stand system. As a result, you can decorate lot of products in this shelving system. If the fruits and vegetable are keep in the open environment they will lost their strength of freshness and will got spoil soon.This fruits & vegetable display chiller came in the market in keeping the requirement of the customers. By using this seller can able to give customer a quality full fresh fruits and vegetable because this fruits & vegetable display has double air curtain that is used to prevent air or contaminants from moving one open space to another.The fruits & vegetable display is available for (3’6”, 8’6”, 12’6”) at online market in Bangladesh with the best price. This is available in various specifications as well as in customizing range, to suit the divergent requirements of the customers. Different color& size are available in the market so you can buy any size that you want. This display chiller have reflecting glass on the top salves and LED light for the product view of the customers.This fruits & vegetable display is also cost effective far less than the cost of electricity will be carried out by using the Super Shop. This fruits & vegetable display chiller has a strong compressor for cooling operation. It is also used in super stores, super market, and green food seller shop.We provide different types of supershop display chiller and freezer in Bangladesh. You can visit our Supershop Display Chiller and Freezer category for detail.

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