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Domingos Italian Deli, Domingos Italian Deli (Domingos Italian Deli)

In preserving a heritage and indulging in our passions, we have diligently pleased the palettes of our community for over sixty years. We thrive on the satisfaction of those we have catered to. We have emerged notorious in carrying the finest quality Italian products and preparing the celebrated traditions of our Southern Italian kitchen. As a result we have distinguished ourselves as preferred purveyor to renowned chefs & restaurants, and most importantly...YOUR KITCHEN! Each day begins as the sun rises in-sync with our traditional and rustic bread varieties…Ciabatta, Focaccias, rotini, pizze and our world-famous supremo and cheese breadsticks are born to enchant our appetite. The store becomes engulfed in the aromas of our traditional specialties as our classic marinara sauce simmers, tantalizing meatballs sizzle and freshly-made sausage are fried with locally-grown onions and peppers. Dozens of antipasti are prepared fresh daily and include the alluring grilled artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms, fire-roasted marinated peppers, marinated eggplants, brick-oven roasted brussel sprouts with toasted pistachios and our enticing pasta salad, potato salad and tempting eggplant caponata. Our grocery store shelves are filled with the expected varieties of imported Italian specialties. From first-cold press olive oils to 25-year aged Balsamic vinegars, organic San Marzano tomatoes and different varieties of hard-to-find pasta cuts as well as traditional Italian spices, grains and ingredients. Refrigerators display premium Ricotta cheese, mozzarella and mascarpone, specialty sauces, novelty charcuterie, as well as an assortment of fresh pastas and freshly-made tapenades & spreads. The frozen selections include homemade specialties and entrees. From a spectrum of homemade classics such as…pumpkin ravioli, gnocchi, manicotti, stuffed shells…to conveniently fresh-frozen packaged entrees…beef, eggplant or veggie lasagnas, eggplant parmigiana, chicken cacciatore, marsala or piccata as a great solution to instant dinners. We are a family-owned business fueled by the delight of preserving our traditional recipes and the excitement of sharing the pleasure of preparing them. Come by and meet our family. We look forward to captivating your appetite! Buon appetito

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