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Globalebazzar, GAL

Double air curtained Double compressor LED light box Reflecting glass on the top salves Fruits And Vegetables Display Refrigerator has 5 shelving stand system. As a result, you can decorate lot of products in this shelving system. If the fruits and vegetable are keep in the open environment they will lost their strength of freshness and will got spoil soon.This fruits & vegetable display chiller came in the market in keeping the requirement of the customers. By using this seller can able to give customer a quality full fresh fruits and vegetable because this fruits & vegetable display has double air curtain that is used to prevent air or contaminants from moving one open space to another.The fruits & vegetable display is available for (3’6”, 8’6”, 12’6”) at online market in Bangladesh with the best price. This is available in various specifications as well as in customizing range, to suit the divergent requirements of the customers. Different color& size are available in the market so you can buy any size that you want. This display chiller have reflecting glass on the top salves and LED light for the product view of the customers.This fruits & vegetable display is also cost effective far less than the cost of electricity will be carried out by using the Super Shop. This fruits & vegetable display chiller has a strong compressor for cooling operation. It is also used in super stores, super market, and green food seller shop.We provide different types of supershop display chiller and freezer in Bangladesh. You can visit our Supershop Display Chiller and Freezer category for detail.

Supplier of:

  • Cutting machinery and equipment for the catering industry
  • Meat slicing machines, catering
  • Food, drink, tobacco and catering industry machinery and equipment...

Nazarov Knives

Official representative of the Russian manufacturer of knives Nazarov Knives. History of the Nazarov Knives Nazarov’s Smith Shop was founded on March 7, 2004. The founder was its owner and director - Vladimir Nazarov. Before launching this business he was a student of Nizhny Novgorod University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and a fitter of medical tool plant in Vorsma, Nizhny Novgorod region. One day his friend, Alexey Makashov, suggested to arrangea production of prefabricated knife forms, and he supported that idea together with his father, who worked as a die-press operator in one of the smith shops in Vorsma. So, three of them organized a small but promising smith shop in a building belonging to Alexey Makashov. By cut-and-test methods they were looking for the best alternatives of metal matches and forged prefabricated bars for knives. V. Nazarov became the manager of the smith shop, and three of them worked together for 1 year. They closely cooperated with company “RusskiyBulat” managed by Vladimir Maslenikov who suggested to expand the production and to found a new big smith shop. He offered his own production facilities to be used as a new up-to-date workshop. That offer was considered to be efficient, promising and profitable. Their partner and friend Mr. Makashov preferred to stay independent and to run his own business. They bought new equipment, press machines, hammers, units and other tools, and on December 1, 2006 Nazarov’s Smith Shop started its operation with a new team. The production facility is located in Vorsma, Nizhny Novgorod region. Mr.V.Maslenikov played a direct role in the development of the Shop, and at the moment Nazarov’s Smith Shop and “RusskiyBulat”continue their friendly cooperation. Mr. Nazarov is grateful to Mr.Maslenikov for his contribution in development of the big and successful production. At the end of 2009 the facility owned 400 m2 of production areas: the Shop itself (Fig. 1, 2), grinding shop (Fig. 3, 4), assembly shop (Fig. 5), as well as heat treatment shop. As of the beginning of 2015 the staff of the company included 47 people. All the employees are highly professional specialists appreciated by the company management. Almost all of the employees have been working in the Shop starting from its foundation. We count on the excellent quality of our forged steel products: each and every item goes through multi-stage control, obligatory criminalistics examination which proves that they do not belong to cold arms (certificates are attached). Nazarov’s Smith Shop has been existing for over 10 years and it has gained a perfect reputation in the markets of Russia and in foreign markets as well. This is the result of good cooperation with customers – individual buyers and companies. All partners are satisfied with the quality of our knives. Today Vorsma is known as the knife center of Russia. Nazarov’s Smith Shop is one of the best companies contributing to development of the city. Nazarov’s Smith Shop enjoys a lot of positive responses from its customers who are happy with the perfect balance of quality and price. You are kindly invited for cooperation! We are open to consider any specific solutions and suggestions related to our field of work. We are working for you!

Supplier of:

  • Hunting, fighting and security knives
  • Knives, hunting
  • Blades, metal...
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