Kompass Database

The Kompass database supplies information about 10 million firms worldwide.

Key information

To this day, information about 10 million firms in 70 countries are contained within the database. Those datas relate either to a SME, a big company, a retail trade or a liberal profession. Amid many informations, the database provides the postal address of the firm and, most of the time, one or several phone numbers and the name of the CEO.

Moreover, the database focuses on the most important B2B companies. Informations about them are frequently updated, about once a month andin the case of the big companies, twice a year. Datas are thus extremely reliable, affording to know about a company its business activity, its size, the functions of its managers as well as their email addresses…

As Kompass is established in 70 countries, its database is huge. It notably provides the name of 14 million managers and more than 5 million email addresses.

An ideal tool to expand its business

One of the strengths of the database lies in its structure based on the Kompass classification. This classification lists all the business activities known to this day.

Its value is also determined by its nominativity, as the database supplies the names of managers and decision-makers, decisive informations to make business. Thus Kompass enables you to address the right persons when prospecting.

Thanks to that information richness, the Kompass database can meet different requests. For instance, the database can facilitate the activity of companies established abroad, by providing datas about what kind of goods their potential clients import or export.

Whatever you activity, the Kompass database proves crucial in developing your business.

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