Holiday Season Special

Especially at this time of year, we take pride in satisfying our customers and friends. We sincerely look forward to many years of working together. To celebrate the end of the year, we’d like to make two special announcements. First, as of November 2018, Kompass North America has a total of 12 million fresh American and one million Canadian companies entered into the database. This brings us up to a worldwide total of 21 million companies on the database. As any EasyBusiness subscriber will be able to tell you: those numbers mean major opportunities for your organization (and library research!). Second, we are running an end of the year special, offering an additional 10% discount to any open proposals or quotes from 2018.

Our Services:

Our B2B advertising service- Booster +1000 clicks guarantee advertising program allows you to advertise in 24 languages. Advertising on Kompass helps your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) and search advertisement (SEA) for one flat fee! Leave it up to our expert team to get your company website or profile a guaranteed 1000 clicks in 12 months! Our experts use SEA touchpoint marketing to offer our clients the best SEO, SEM and Keyword Advertisement possible. We are capable of doing Keyword Advertisement in up to 30 different countries including: China, United States of America, France, Great Britain, Norway, Czech Republic, Belgium, South Korea, India, Sweden, Lebanon and more. So whether you are looking for local buzz or international buzz, we got your covered! Not only Kompass provides you with advertising in 30 different countries but we also translate the keywords into 10 different languages, all native to their country. This allows a targeted B2B search optimization and the most accurate searches related to your product and services.

What distinguishes Kompass from other business databases is that Kompass EasyBusiness tool is more than a system where you can just download all your leads into an excel sheet. Instead, it’s a research tool that would allow business to use Kompass system to better what they are already doing. Kompass EasyBusiness can be easily integrated into CRM, and you can create lists or projects within the system to help you keep track of the work you do. Additionally, you can set up alerts in companies of interests so you can be notified where changes in moves, executives or financial information are made. Kompass EasyBusiness strives to be a useful tool to its customers to help them find leads and make the progress more efficiently.

Kompass Public Tenders is a service that enables companies to find listings for their needs and promotes linking with professionals in their area. Kompass Public Tenders use the best worldwide tool search engine to find public procurements and build on an efficient and user-friendly platform. Kompass Public Tenders have over 50,000 bids per day! That’s over 10 million per year! With 145 languages detected and access to more and more public tenders each day, Kompass Public Tenders just keep getting better!

This offer is only good through December 13, 2018. So if you’re interested in Booster, EasyBusiness, or Kompass Tenders, don’t wait. Pick up the phone or email us right away!




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