Wisconsin Energy Corp

231 West Michigan Street
P.O. Box 1331
Milwaukee WI 53203
United States

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- Company Summary

Wisconsin Energy Corporation is a diversified holding company that conducts its operations primarily in three operating segments. The utility energy segment consists of Wisconsin Electric Power Company, Wisconsin Gas Company and Edison Sault Electric Company, which are engaged in the generation of electricity and the distribution of electricity and natural gas. The non-utility energy segment consists of Wisvest Corporation, which is engaged in independent electric power production, and W.E. Power LLC, which is engaged in the design, development and construction of electric power generating facilities. The manufacturing segment consists of WICOR Industries, Inc., an intermediate holding company, and its primary subsidiaries, Sta-Rite Industries, Inc., SHURflo Pump Manufacturing Co. and Hypro Corporation. Other non-utility subsidiaries include primarily Minergy Corp., which develops and markets recycling technology products, and Wispark LLC, which develops and invests in real estate.
Wisconsin Energy Corporationoration's utilities provide electricity and natural gas to customers. The company also distributes water and steam. Wisconsin Energy has about 5, 100 MW of generating capacity, primarily from coal-fired and nuclear-powered plants.

General Information


  • Company

    1000-4999 Employees


  • 2008

    10 to 25 million USD

Financial ratios

  • Turnover


  • Allen Leverett

    Chief Financial Officer

  • G. K.

    Chairman Emeritus; Chairman, President, and CEO, WEC, WE and WG

  • L. S.

    Exec. Vice President; Senior Vice President and General Counsel

  • F. K.

    Exec. Vice President; EVP and CFO, WEC, WE and WG

  • J. F.

    Exec. Vice President

  • G. E. K.

    Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer

  • G. E. W.

    Vice Chairman of the Board, WEC, Wisconsin Electric and Wisconsin Gas

  • A. L. L.

    Chief Financial Officer

  • F. D. K.

    Chief Operating Officer

  • C. R. C.

    Senior Vice President, Wisconsin Electric

  • S. P. D.


  • J. F.

    Executive Vice President, General Counsel

  • S. C.

    Director and CIO, IT Services, We Energies

  • A. K.

    Vice President

  • J. A.


  • K. K.


  • C. C.


  • D. H.

    Tax director

  • K. R.

    Chief Administrative Officer

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