Wilshire Enterprises Inc

1 Gateway Center
Suite 1030
Newark NJ 07102
United States

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Company Summary

Wilshire Enterprises, Inc. (Wilshire) is engaged in acquiring, owning and managing real estate properties and real estate related securities. As of December 31, 2005, Wilshire owns multi-family properties, office space, retail space and land located in the states of Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia and New Jersey. The Company's real estate holdings are owned both in its own name and through holding companies and limited liability companies. Wilshire also maintains investments in marketable securities, which are classified as available for sale. In September 2006, the Company sold its Twelve Oaks Apartment Complex located in Riverdale, Georgia.
Wilshire Enterprises invests in and operates commercial real estate and land. It owns a portfolio of more than a dozen multifamily, retail, and office properties and land tracts in Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    0-9 Employees


  • 2014

    5 to 10 million USD


Executive information

  • Francis Elenio

    Chief Financial Officer; CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer

  • S. I.

    Chairman Emeritus; Chairman and CEO

  • S. W. I.

    Chairman of the Board; Chief Executive Officer

  • P. G. K.

    President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

  • S. I.

    Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

  • D. M.

    EVP and COO; Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President, Principal Accounting Officer

  • M. D.

    Independent Director

  • W. W.

    Independent Director

  • M. B.

    Independent Director

  • K. L.

    Vice President of Finance

  • L. B.

    Vice President of PM

  • J. H.

    Real Estate Manager

  • W. W.

    Independent Director

  • M. D.

    Vice President and Controller Investment Realty Division

  • S. I.

    Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

  • E. S.




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