Velocity Express Corporation

1 Morningside Drive, Suite 300, North Building B

Suite 300, North Building B

06880 Westport , United States

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Velocity Express Corporation, formerly known as United Shipping & Technology, Inc., is engaged in the business of providing same-day transportation and distribution/logistics services to individual consumers and businesses. Its service offerings are divided into categories including scheduled logistics, distribution logistics and expedited logistics. Scheduled logistics consist of the daily pick-up and delivery of parcels with narrowly defined time schedules predetermined by the customer. Distribution logistics consist of the receipt of customer bulk shipments that are divided and sorted at major metropolitan locations and delivered into multiple routes with defined endpoints and more broadly defined time schedules. Expedited logistics consists of expedited point-to-point service for customers with extremely time-sensitive delivery requirements. The Company operates primarily in the United States, with limited operations in Canada. Velocity Express specializes in same-day delivery services. The company offers scheduled pickup and delivery, distribution logistics and expedited delivery services to retailers, office products manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and other merchandise distributors.

General Information

Year Established: 1990

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Type of company : Headquarters




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From 1000 to 4999
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Vincent Wasik

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer (Chairman of the Board)

J. H.

President & Chief Operating Officer (President / Chairman)

D. D.

Senior VP Finance & Chief Financial Officer (Finance Director)

D. K.

Senior VP National Accounts & Logistic Services (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

D. F.

Chief Information Officer (IT Director)

E. S.

Chief Financial Officer (Finance Director)

K. D.

Exec. Vice President (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

A. K.

Exec. Vice President (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

M. C.

General Counsel (IT Director)

C. S.

Vice President IT Business Services

D. T.

Senior Corporate Sales Consultant

G. V.

Executive Chairman (Chairman of the Board)

J. S.

Managing Director (General Manager / Manager)

J. M.

Chief Financial Officer (Finance Director)

M. H.

Division President (Deputy Managing Director)

R. G.

Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing (Sales Director)

S. M.

Division President (Deputy Managing Director)

V. W.

Non-Executive Chairman of the Board (Chairman of the Board)

J. H.

Owner (Owner / Proprietor)

A. P.


T. H.


V. W.

Chief Executive Officer


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