STV Group, Incorporated

205 West Welsh Drive
Douglassville PA 19518
United States

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Company Summary

STV Group, Incorporated provides engineering and architectural consulting and design services on a variety of projects for the federal, local, state and foreign governments and private industry. The Company also performs selected design/build, construction management projects. STV Group consists of several subsidiaries, including STV Incorporated, STV Architects, Inc., STV Environmental, Inc., STV International, Inc., STV Surveying, Inc., STV Construction Services, Inc., STV Construction, Inc. and STV/Silver & Ziskind.
STV is a award-winning professional firm offering engineering, architectural, planning, environmental and construction management services.

General Information

  • Year established


  • Type of company

    Head Office

  • Fax

    +1 610 385-8500 (FPS)

  • Website

Key figures


  • Company

    More than 5000 Employees


  • 2007

    100 to 500 million USD


Executive information

  • Dominick Servedio

    Chairman & CEO

  • M. D.

    President & COO

  • L. R.

    Senior VP Marketing

  • D. S.

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • J. A.

    Senior Vice President

  • M. R.

    President; President and CEO

  • P. K.

    Chief Financial Officer & Director; CFO and Director

  • S. S.

    Association of International Accountant

  • S. P.

    Executive Vice President

  • W. M.

    Executive Vice President

  • M. R.


  • M. H.

    Chairman Emeritus

  • I. S.

    Senior Vice President of STV Incorporated

  • R. A.

    Senior Vice President

  • T. C.

    Vice President

  • R. G.

    Senior Vice President and Chief Structural Engineer

  • S. G.

    Vice President Federal

  • J. M.

    Vice President

  • J. B.

    Senior Vice President

  • B. E.

    Vice President and Director, Architectural Studio, Buildings

  • D. M.

    Chairman And Ceo

  • M. E.


  • M. N.

    Finance Executive

  • T. M.

    Vice President Construction Management Division

  • L. M.


  • E. S.

    Project Architect

  • S. C.

    Site Leader

  • L. B.

    Assistant Secretary

  • M. H.

    Application Development/Support Manager

  • B. G.

    Senior Project Manager and Architectural Studio Ma…

  • C. S.

    Specifications Manager

  • A. A.


  • K. O.

    Sales Executive

  • M. S.


  • J. M.

    Project Director-Associate

  • A. B.

    Vice President Construction Management Division

  • M. S.

    Finance Executive

  • E. C.


  • R. B.

    Group Leader-Transportation

  • J. K.

    Senior Project Engineer/Project Manager

  • K. Y.

    Electrical Engineer

  • R. F.

    Facilities Manager

  • R. C.

    Project Manager

  • R. K.

    Human Resources Manager

  • S. M.

    Marketing Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manage…

  • J. S.

    Manager Finance Executive Sales Executive

  • M. O.

    Project Engineer

  • M. P.

    Production Engineers

  • A. K.


  • C. F.

    Director of Business Development for Construction

  • E. J.

    Senior Vice President

  • F. S.


  • L. P.

    Project Architect

  • J. H.

    Senior Vice President and General Counsel

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