Press-Enterprise Company

3450 Fourteenth Street
Riverside CA 92501-3814
United States

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- Company Summary

The Press-Enterprise Company provides news and information to Inland Southern California through newspaper and magazine publishing, printing, Internet, and telephone information services.

General Information

  • Year established


  • Type of company

    Head Office

  • Fax

    +1 951 248-6115 (FPS)

  • Website


  • Company

    1000-4999 Employees


  • 2014

    Over 500 million USD

Financial ratios

  • Turnover
  • Shareholders


  • Baxter Miller

    Plant Manager

  • M. D.

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • R. A.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • R. F.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • R. L.

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • R. F.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • R. G.

    Assistant Managing Editor

  • B. P.


  • H. J.


  • J. G.

    Recruitment/Call Center/Legals Manager

  • J. K.

    Automotive/Interactive Sales Director

  • L. H.

    Health Care

  • M. K.


  • P. A.

    Manager; Retail Advertising Manager

  • T. R.


  • M. C.

    Business Editor

  • C. S.

    Editorial Systems Manager

  • M. C.

    Sales Manager of Affiliated Products

  • D. B.


  • J. H.

    Branch Manager

  • J. A.


  • A. K.

    Administrative Assistant

  • K. W.

    Vice President of Circulation

  • D. D.

    Vice President Education

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