Kana Software Inc

181 Constitution Drive

Ste. 100

94025 Menlo Park , United States

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Kana Software, Inc. (Kana) is engaged in the business of multi-channel customer service software. Kana's integrated solutions allow companies to deliver managed service across all channels, including e-mail, chat, call centers and Web self-service. The Company's target market is the Global 2000 with a focus on enterprises with customer interactions, such as banks, telecommunications companies, high-tech manufacturers, healthcare organizations and government agencies. The Company's solutions include products, such as Kana Iq, Kana Response, Kana Responseiq and Kana Contact Center. The Company maintains direct sales personnel across the United States and internationally throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and Canada.
Kana Software provides customer service management software used to manage a variety of client interactions. The company's software includes applications that manage call centers, automate marketing campaigns, and analyze customer data. The company also provides consulting, technical support, and training services.

General Information

Year Established: 2009

www : http://www.kana.com

Type of company : Headquarters



On site
From 50 to 99
Total group


10 to 25 million USD
2014 : 10 to 25 million USD

Financial ratios



John Thompson

Chief Financial Officer

M. F.

Chairman Emeritus

W. B.

Vice President

C. B.

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

T. D.

President, Chief Operating Officer

J. H.

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President

B. K.

Executive Vice President of Product Strategy

T. P.

Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales

H. M.

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Products

C. M.

Chief Technology Officer

C. W.

Senior Vice President, Global Consulting Services

C. G.

Senior Vice President - Worldwide Sales

J. N.

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

J. J.

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

J. W.

General Manager Of International Operations

M. F.


M. D.


M. A.

Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President

V. N.

Vice President of Product Marketing

J. M.

Vice President

B. F.

Vice President Finance

M. F.


J. J.

Chief Administrative Officer and CFO

M. A.


M. A.

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

M. D.


J. J.

Chief Administrative Officer and CFO

S. T.

Head of Worldwide Product Strategy

S. W.

Director Professional Services

J. S.

Senior Director Product Solutions

E. Z.

Senior Director of Information Technology

J. L.

Sales Director

L. B.

Alliance Director

A. T.

Vice President Global Partners

V. N.

Vice President of Product Marketing

A. R.

Vice President, Human Resources

K. B.

General Manager of EMEA


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