Island Pacific

19800 Macarthur Boulevard

12th Floor

92612 Irvine , United States

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Island Pacific, Inc. provides software solutions and services to the retail industry. The Company provides solutions that help retailers understand, create, manage and fulfill consumer demand. It is organized in three strategic business units: retail mana Island Pacific is the global leader in retail merchandising and store operations software solutions. It is a leader in retail software solutions and has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality, high-reliability software to the retail industry.

General Information

Year Established: 2004

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Type of company : Headquarters



On site
From 100 to 249
Total group



Barry Schechter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

M. S.

Chairman of the Board (Chairman of the Board)

K. M.

Executive VP (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

M. D.

General Manager (General Manager / Manager)

D. J.

Senior Vice President (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

M. S.

Chairman of the Board (Chairman of the Board)

H. B.


S. B.

President (President / Chairman)

R. F.

Chief Financial Officer (Finance Director)

L. P.

K. M.

Executive Vice President (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

D. J.

Senior Vice President of Sales

R. K.

C. V.

A. F.

VP/Dir China

B. S.


C. P.

Accounts Manager (Sales Manager)

D. W.


H. B.

Chief Executive Officer, Director (CEO)

J. B.

VP Marketing (Marketing / Communication Director)

J. H.

VP Sales North America

K. S.

SVP Global Sales

K. K.

VP Retail Pro Payment Solutions

L. P.

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Director

M. T.

VP/Dir Australasia

G. P.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

L. H.

General Merchandise Manager

M. S.

Principal (Senior Management)

M. D.

Managing Director of Island Pacific European Operations

K. K.

Vice President (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

R. G.

Chief Operating Officer - Americas

M. R.

Senior Hardware Engineer Project Services

G. M.

Chief Financial Officer

G. I.

Director of Services

J. M.

Industry Specialist

R. G.

Vice President and General Manager for IPMS Divisi…

C. O.

Network Administrator

J. H.

Project Manager

S. R.


J. F.

Chief Technology Officer

C. G.

Director of Information Technology

A. D.

Account Executive

B. B.

Network Administrator

C. J.

Pre-Sales consultant

A. Y.

Senior Project Manager

M. D.

Managing Director of Island Pacific European Opera…

J. M.

Product Marketing Manager

S. N.

Director Product Management

A. T.


A. M.

Information Technology Manager

S. L.

Human Resources Manager

S. R.

Project Manager

G. M.


G. Y.

Technical Consultant

D. R.


D. K.

Senior Account Executive

D. R.

Chief Executive Officer


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