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Dry Ice Blasting, the Cleaning System of the Future:
Dry ice blasting is a dry and gentle, but extremely efficient cleaning process used for innumerable purposes within industrial cleaning, etc. Dry ice blasting is a process where no blasting media is left after cleaning and where no water, detergents, chemicals, etc. are involved. Cleaning with dry ice blasting equipment is thus an excellent alternative to cleaning with traditional equipment, offering the following advantages:
-Minimum downtime, cost-saving, fast, effective
-Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, dry, none-abrasive
-No blasting media to be disposed of after blasting
-CO2 immediately evaporates back into the atmosphere
The dry ice blasting equipment uses small CO2 particles (CO2 = carbon dioxide) as blasting media, also called Cryo Pellets. The temperature of the Cryo Pellets is -79°C/-110°F. (Liquid CO2 is used to produce CO2 snow, which under high pressure is converted into hard and equal pellets, and dims. approx. Ø3x10 mm (rice-size)). The cleaning effect is based on three principles:
-Thermal effect: Due to the low temperature of the Cryo Pellets (-79°C/-110°F) impurities will be cooled down, shrink and loosen.
-Kinetic effect: The kinetic energy of pellets leaving the nozzle of the blasting gun contributes to removing impurities.
-Sublimation effect: When the pellets hit a surface the CO2 is immediately transformed from its solid state into gas, whereby a volume increase of approx. 700 times tears away loose/brittle impurities.
IceTech Products:
The IceTech product range includes machines for industrial cleaning within numerous lines of business and machines for the production of dry ice pellets (CO2 pellets) in various dimensions.
-Dry ice blasting machines . also battery-operated versions
-Specially developed systems for automated dry ice blasting
-Combi machines for combined dry ice blasting and production
-Pelletizers for dry ice pellet production
-Dry ice containers for the storages of dry ice pellets
-Blasting guns with a wide selection of nozzles, nozzle extensions, extension bends, etc.
-Light guns for dry ice blasting at dark, narrow and inaccessible places
-Blasting guns with optional remote control of the blasting parameters

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