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As a partner to companies worldwide, Kompass is present in more than 60 countries. With our extensive global network we have teams working locally, helping to build & maintain our business database. Our focus on quality update and enrichment of our B2B database, helps to ensure you get reliable and comprehensive search results.
  • 6 million

    phone numbers

  • 3 million

    web addresses

  • 3 million

    generic emails

  • 5 million


  • 2,5 million

    company emails

  • 12 million

    executive contacts


  • EasyBusiness by Kompass

    EasyBusiness by Kompass

    Kompass is an industry leader in B2B Databases. With more than 5 million business profiles, we provide our clients with the best possible data to aid in their growth. Business growth is hard but with our help and user friendly tools, gr...

  • Looking to Expand: Austria

    Looking to Expand: Austria

    \ Kompass has branches in over 65 countries but our reach doesn’t stop there. We have connections all over the world and in even more countries. One of these countries happens to be Austria, recently added to Kompass databases. When someon...

  • Why Go Global?

    Why Go Global?

    There are plenty of reasons for a company to go global especially in the modern day and age when all markets and economies overlap. The global economy is booming and companies want to be a part of it. But we, as a company, understand wh...

    • 23/11/2016